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How To Start Blogging And Make Money

How To Start Blogging And Make Money | Earn $200 Daily With Blogging

How To Start Blogging And Make Money

How To Start Blogging And Make Money? this is a frequently asked question these days. Blogging can be an enjoyable hobby and a way to share your passion for a subject. However, it can also be a way to make extra money as a side-job or full-time job. This post will help you whether your goal is to make $1,000/month more from your blog or if your goal is to quit your job and blog full-time.

You need to get rid of the generic advice you have been following if you want to learn how to make money blogging. The advice you get from “expert” bloggers is to write about your passions and stick with them. They also advise you to create great content, be consistent, have good writing habits, and make sure that your content is well-written. You will be able to monetize your blog with affiliate programs, Google AdSense, and online courses within a few years.

How to Write a Money-Making Blog

There are 2 simple steps to know about a good blog. You can read How To Make a Blog and learn the best way. All your idea depends only on fully unique, innovative and demanding content. So here you go to Start Blogging and Make Money

Choose Your Blog’s Niche

It’s not because you think that 95% of bloggers fail.

Consider my passions. I am passionate about many things, including drumming and flying planes, traveling, astronomy, and distance running. But if I wrote endless blog posts on one of these subjects and didn’t make any money, I would burn out 100% of my time. Some bloggers also claim that they are not in it for money or that it’s a hobby.
Hobby bloggers are new bloggers who don’t know how they can make money. There are experts and beginners in any digital field, including web development, photography, or copywriting. Bloggers are bound to fail because they start as novices by sharing their passions and then figure it out later.
It is important to select your niche not based on your passions but on three factors: audience potential, professional leverage, and market demand.

Scale Your Content Creation

What if I said that the first 90 days of your blog have nothing to do? And that you won’t even write one word in those first 90 days? What if blogging isn’t the key to scaling your blog and making it profitable? What if all the information you have learned about starting a blog has slowed your growth?

Remember that you are a business owner and not just a blogger. It would help if you didn’t spend your time writing drafts from days 0 through 90. I will not give the same old, old-fashioned advice. I won’t talk about how to write about your passions or follow an editorial calendar. Instead, we will scale your blog like a start-up and increase your credibility in your niche.

How to Monetize Your Blog

There are many ways to make money blogging: affiliate marketing, ads, online courses, also one-on-1 coaching. There is also consulting, sponsored posts, physical products sales, and consulting. Some income streams require more traffic than others.

It is, therefore, crucial to plan your future revenue-generating strategy using the right forms and at the right times in your blog’s lifetime.

Plan Your Future Blog Monetization Timeline

If you’re starting a travel blog, it won’t make sense for ads to be placed all over the site. To make money with these tactics, you will need hundreds of thousands of monthly users.
You shouldn’t also start affiliate marketing by cramming a lot of links at the beginning. To generate affiliate marketing revenue, you may need thousands of visitors to make one sale. Although you may eventually generate passive income through affiliate marketing, courses, and ad revenue, it can take many years.

Master Your Blog’s Sales Funnel

Your sales will have five main areas that lead users to your goal of offering a $3,000+ consulting service. You can start to focus on low-priced offerings like digital downloads, affiliate products, and online courses as you increase traffic. The best way to make money with a blog is by offering a high-quality offer right from the start.

This is a simple way to balance your revenue as you increase traffic. To compensate, your price should be higher for a blog that is newer and has less traffic – Low Traffic x High Price = High Traffic x Low Price

Master Your High-End Consulting Offer

We discussed that when you choose your niche, you should have a well-designed sales funnel. The goal is to convert $3,000+ in sales to business clients. Your goal for making money blogging should be to drive traffic to your consulting page from day one. Therefore, this page should be located in your top navigation. Keyword research should also be done around terms your clients use to search Google.

Your Consulting page should be linked to your Home page, Start Here page, and About pages. It would help if you also linked to this page when you contribute guest posts.

Use The Magic Email Opt-In Formula

Simple text emails are the best way to generate the most traffic for your blog. Do not worry about adding your logo or lots of images to your blog.

It’s simple; think about it. What kind of email would a sales representative send to close a $3,000 sale? It would be text-based and based on a healthy partnership, not a marketing-heavy, impersonal email.

Master Your Blog’s Sales Funnel

Affiliate marketing is my favorite method of monetizing a blog. Affiliate marketing is a great skill for all the top-performing blogs. To be a successful affiliate, you must rank for keywords on Google. This is how it looks: Google => Your Blog => Purchase.

Conclusion How To Start Blogging and Make Money

Bloggers make money in many different ways. Successful bloggers can earn over seven figures per year, while others might not make any income. Many bloggers recommend that you aim for $2,000 per month in recurring income within a year. My monetization strategies helped me make $17k in recurring income monthly within the first 90 days.

Now you have chosen the niche for your blog, outsourced your content, and planned your blog’s monetization timeline. Now it’s time for you to find out how much blogging can bring in just 90 days. These are the basics. Now launch your blog, and your 90-day blog marketing plan can start. There are many other Ways To Earn Money Online without investment. You can Start Affiliate Marketing, Earn Money On YouTube. Money earning method with blogging becomes old but trendy.

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