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3 Tips on How to Maximize Twitter Video for Marketing

Video is the most engaging content format, across all platforms, and while short-form clips are the focus of the moment, all video formats are worth considering within your broader digital marketing strategy. And while Twitter hasn’t followed TikTok down the path of shorter clips (I mean, it already tried that with Vine, I guess), it […]

9 Tactics Brands Can Learn From Instagram Celebrities

Celebrities, they’re just like us! Except for having millions of Instagram followers who worship the ground they walk upon, of course. We can’t all be famous, but we can all use the same Instagram strategies that celebrities (and their personal marketing teams, let’s be real) use to promote themselves, sell products, and share messages that […]

How to Take a Screenshot On a mac?

How to Take a Screenshot On a mac? Do you know how to take a screenshot on a mac? It’s human nature to take pictures whenever something you like or is important, then you capture images of it. Screenshots are easy to take for any device. However, there are instances when it can be confusing or challenging. You’re […]

Elon Musk Offered A Solution To Ending The Ukraine War On Twitter – Is Social Media The Place To Shape A Country’s Future?

NEW YORK – MAY 2: Elon Musk attended the 2022 Met Gala, Celebrating “In America” … [+]Anthology of Fashion”, at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City on May 02/2022. Photo by Dimitrios Kambauris/Getty images for The Met Museum/Vogue Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue Elon Musk is a tech billionaire who may […]

Twitter Adds WhatsApp and LinkedIn Sharing Buttons to Facilitate Broader Tweet Engagement

Twitter’s looking to better facilitate the spread of tweets beyond its own platform via a new WhatsApp sharing button for users in India, along with a new LinkedIn sharing option, with dedicated tweet presentation in the app. First off, on the new WhatsApp button – given WhatsApp is by far the most used messaging app […]

Practical Advice for Improving It

Content creation may look easy from the outside, especially if you don’t know much about what goes on behind the scenes. But following the recommendations of different platforms can take a toll on creators. For context, some of the recommended posting schedules for the most popular social media platforms include: One to four times a […]

#496: Expansive Business Models: From Digital Courses To Service-Based Business & Everything In Between

A digital course doesn’t have to be your one and only offer I’m sure you’ve probably heard the proverb ‘There are many paths to the top of the mountain, but the view is always the same.’ I hate to get all cheesy on you, but it’s true — especially when it comes to your business. […]

Brand Management – Social Media Explorer

Brand Management Brand management is one of the most integral parts of running a successful business. It’s a complicated process that needs to be handled delicately but can be broken down fairly quickly. Dr. Jordan Sudberg believes that brand management tactics can effectively prevent or decrease pain levels caused by physical and emotional stressors within […]

A Resource for Avoiding It

In 2018, YouTuber Elle Mills posted a video detailing how burnout had impacted her ability to share content with her millions of YouTube subscribers. Since then, it’s become common to see videos, tweets, and posts announcing a break due to burnout. Burnout is quite severe — 61 percent of creators are facing burnout, according to […]

#495: Lacking Self-Worth? Try These 4 Practices – Amy Porterfield

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