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How To Get Twitch Affiliate

Twitch affiliate program

What is Twitch Affiliate

Twitch’s Affiliate Program allows individuals to stream and earn revenue. While the platform focuses first on video games streaming, it also covers the fast-growing eSports market. Twitch affiliates can earn as long they stream regularly. They also have the option of earning revenue from games and in-game items. They might also be able to earn through ‘Bits’, virtual goods that viewers offer and which result in a share from the streamer’s revenue. You can find a complete guide for How To Get Twitch Affiliate.

How Long It Takes to Get Affiliate With Twitch Account?

Twitch’s greatest feature is the fact that you can connect with people. Isn’t that awesome? You must become a Twitch affiliate to be eligible for compensation for content you create on Twitch. This article will explain how long it takes for streamers to become Twitch affiliates. It also explains what you can do to speed things up. Let’s get started, friends.

How Long it Takes to Become a Twitch Affiliate?

Most streamers need to stream for at least 1-2 months before they can become Twitch affiliates. However, you can get there faster if you meet all requirements. Many streamers will ask their friends and family to help them reach the milestone in a matter of days. While it is possible to use your family and friends as a way to reach the affiliate milestone quickly, this option doesn’t offer long-term success.

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Let’s discuss the requirements for Twitch Accounts Affiliate and tips to get each milestone.

What are the Requirements?

  • 500 Minutes Broadcast.
  • Broadcast for 7 days.
  • Average 3 concurrent viewers.
  • At least 50 followers

The requirements are easy to meet, as you can see. Twitch will contact you within a few days to invite you into the program once you have been made eligible. Although you don’t have to sign up, you must become a Twitch affiliate in order to receive subs and other Twitch bits.

Acceptance to the affiliate program is an important step in your streaming journey. This allows people to support you financially for the content that you provide. It sounds great that you can be an affiliate in a matter of a few months. But what if your goal is to become one right away? What can you do to become a Twitch affiliate faster? You can Earn $300-350 Weekly with this method and this method is very easy to learn and earn as well.

Twitch affiliate program

How to Get Twitch Affiliate Sooner?

500 Minutes Broadcast

This one is simple. In just one weekend, you could stream 500 minutes. Let’s suppose you stream for 3 hours Friday night, 3 hours Saturday morning, and 3 hours Sunday afternoon. Boom, you have reached your minimum minutes.

You could also do it in one day if you feel more adventurous. Although it would be hard work, it is possible. This milestone is easy to reach. It just requires you to create a schedule and click the “Go Live” button.

Broadcast for 7 days

This one is simple. Broadcast it on seven days in a 30-day period. Unique days just mean different days. You can’t do three streams in one day and add them to your total. It would only count for one day. There is no restriction on how long the streams must be. It is enough that you “Go Live”.

Average 3 concurrent viewers

Concurrent viewers refer to people who are watching your stream simultaneously. They do not count the total viewers that have visited your stream. If you have three viewers watching your stream at the same time, that is 3 concurrent viewers.

You may have noticed a higher number of unique viewers if you look at the stream summary after your stream. Unique viewers are any person who visits your stream. You may have 10 unique viewers but only 3 viewers on average because they didn’t stay around. You can read my article to learn more about how Twitch views were calculated.

To sum it all, you need 3 people to consistently visit your stream and stay there. It may take several months for this to happen organically. You could also go the easy way and let your brother, sister, and girlfriend create Twitch accounts to watch your stream. After a few streams, boom! This is, in my opinion, the most difficult milestone on your journey to Twitch Affiliate.

At Least 50 Twitch Fans

The hardest milestone is to average 3 viewers. However, the second is to get 50 Twitch fans. Many people find it easier to get Twitch fans on other platforms than Twitch, such as Youtube or Twitter. Twitch is not as discoverable as other platforms. You can read my article to learn more about how to increase your Twitch following.


A Twitch Affiliate is an important step towards building a community with your followers. Some streamers do amazing things with channel points, for instance. Streamers will say “X” number of channel points, and then I will eat a hot Pepper on stream. You can find a complete guide to channel points in my article. Also, emotes are a great idea. Your stream will be unique if you have custom emotes. Even better, other streamers can drop your emotes into chats to salute you.

Twitch Affiliate not only allows you to build a community but also offers a way for you to make money streaming. You will have access to bits and subs, so you can turn your hobby into something. And you can Earn Daily 200- $250 by Sharing Videos. You will have access to many great features once you become a Twitch affiliate. You are truly moving up in streaming.

Twitch Affiliate sounds great, right? But if you’re curious about why you might want to wait before joining the Twitch affiliate program, then read my article on multi-streaming. There are some things you may not have known about the Twitch Affiliate Program.

Conclusion How To Get Twitch Affiliate

We have explained to you that How To Get Twitch Affiliate. This method of Earn Money is full of entertainment and well-earing sources too. You can make your Gaming videos and make a broadcast. You can upload these videos on YouTube as well and Earn Money On YouTube also. If you will understand the concept of Affiliate Marketing then these Money-Making Ideas will implement automatically. You will receive a good response also.

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