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Instagram Confirms that Videos Under 60 Seconds in Stories will No Longer Be Split into Segments

Instagram continues its gradual process of merging its video products into one, with the announcement that videos in Stories that are under 60 seconds in length will no longer be split into 15-second segments in the app. As you can see in this in-app alert, posted by social media expert Matt Navarra, when you update […]

Business Stereotypes – Social Media Explorer

Business Stereotypes The “Business Stereotype” is a phenomenon that arises in organizations. It is an idea or concept about how people want to perceive their peers, but it is not truly accurate. Even though business stereotypes may be posited as truths, they are false and often distorting. Dr. Jordan Sudberg, “The purpose of the business […]

A Guide to Content Batching for Social Media

Question: I have a lot of great ideas, but I find that I don’t have enough time to make all of them come to life. What do you recommend? Creating content can be fun, especially when you have many ideas to work on, but it’s also super time-consuming. There are many workarounds to this, from […]

#500: Why Time Stress Is Crippling Your Success with Marie Forleo – Amy Porterfield

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We Took a Week Off to Build Features That Weren’t on Our Roadmap

A few weeks back we did something a little different. Everyone across the company dropped their work, canceled all meetings, and spent a week working on projects that weren’t on our roadmap. We called it Build Week. It’s officially Build Week at Buffer! 🛠️🚧 We’re taking this week to step away from our normal duties and […]

#499: TikTok Intimidates Me, So I’ve Decided To Do It My Way

After 2 years of being almost radio silent on TikTok, I’m giving it another go If you’ve been with me for a while, you know that being in front of the camera has always been a challenge for me. It feels like there’s so much pressure to be ‘on,’ and being the perfectionist that I […]

85 Fill-in-the-Blank Blog Title Templates to Steal [Infographic]

Are you struggling to think of effective titles for your blog posts? Looking for some fill-in-the-blank post title templates you can swipe for your blog? The team from Conversion Minded share their blog post title ideas in this infographic. They break things down as follows: Numbered lists How-To’s Resources and tutorials Helpful tips Check out the […]

Live Video: The Social Media For Every Need

Live Video: The Social Media For Every Need by Adam | September 16, 2022 Live video communication platforms are on the rise, as popularity has skyrocketed and the possibilities within them are endless. Consumers, businesses, and every day citizens can benefit from these services, as they are so versatile and able to be applied to […]

Meta Scales Back NPE Team as it Looks to Strengthen its Short-Form Video Approach

The team has released a heap of experimental apps, as part of Meta's effort to get the jump on the next big thing. Source link

Tori Dunlap on Evolving a Personal Brand

This edition of Social Proof features a different story, offering the scenario of “what if my personal brand grew to be more than me?” That has been Tori Dunlap’s experience as her project to save $100,000 before the age of 25 has grown into a business touching millions of people’s lives. The founder of multimillion-dollar […]